Rainer Stegmann

Guitarist and composer


Playing the guitar should be pleasure. The greatest pleasure can be achieved by playing it very well. This is not possible without a profound technique, and so you have to work on it from the early beginning. Every student has his/her own problems, and therefore it is necessary to work with him/her alone. The students must realize, that they can only get fun out of guitar playing when they are very busy with practising. Nobody should be forced into a certain musical direction, but everyone should be able to choose freely what kind of music he/she wants to play. During their studies the students will come to know very different musical styles and epoches.

My teaching spectrum reaches from the early beginning to the preparation of the entrance examination for conservatories and musical universities, but guitar-interested adults are also welcome. I am also a lecturer for classical guitar at the university of Regensburg and guitar teacher at the secondary school of the Regensburger Domspatzen.